What we're all about

Introducing PMyeS!

pmyes menstrual cupsPMyeS! is different from other brands of feminine hygiene products because we genuinely care and understand the need and right of everyone to experience their period safely. We create products not to exploit the necessity of a woman to purchase better products during that time of the month but to sincerely make a difference in the feminine hygiene products market by spreading positive awareness about this very natural and completely normal phenomenon.

We are not here to hype the issue about feminine hygiene but to contribute our share into empowering women like you, by helping make your menstrual cycles more manageable so you can shift your focus to other aspects of life, rather than be stuck on worrying about your period it all day. We work for customer satisfaction and are dedicated to making better products for our clients. Join us in our endeavor and make sure that you are also helping other women like yourself to accept and understand the essence of feminine hygiene.

We contribute a part of the proceedings to organizations who work for spreading positivity among female communities and beyond, for a better society. So you will not only help in spreading proper and safe menstrual education but also have a comfortable and convenient cycle with our top-notch products.

We are specialists in feminine hygiene products and here's why

Been There Done That!

Our team was all once on the same boat as every other woman.  Struggling to make sense of why we should pay for subpar menstrual products month after month.  Sometimes left with stained bedsheets, irritation, and even vaginal dryness. In our eyes, switching to the menstrual cup has introduced us to a whole world of difference in period care.  We are passionate about our product and helping woman find better period care one cup at a time.

The Right Products:

We have invested our efforts in researching what can make a menstrual cup an even better feminine hygiene solution. Wanting to provide our customers with the safest and most reliable menstrual solution with the ease and convenience Woman deserve, we have decided on our 100% Medical Grade Silicone Menstrual Cup with a valve drain to instantly empty the cup. We feel very strongly about the value and functionality our Menstrual cup can bring for you.

Other Info:

    Our team recently sent 750 reusable menstrual cups to Nigeria where menstruation poverty is substantially high. We understand that it is not nearly enough to make enough of a difference, however, we feel it is a small step towards making a positive difference.


    Empower Woman Around Us:

    Our goal is to offer a clean and sustainable menstrual solution for everyone without breaking the budget and we share tips, tricks, and techniques for how you live a fuller life as a female. We offer not only menstruation and health tips, but also try our best to empower woman around the world to be their best self. 


    Please contact us for any inquiries you may have.  We are responsive and dedicated to responding to everyone who contacts us.  If you would like to be one of our distributors, please send an email with your terms of partnership to support@pmyescups.com, or fill in the form below.