Menstrual Cups For Adults

Menstrual Cup for Adults

We offer both larger and smaller sized cups.  The larger ones can hold from twenty to forty milliliters of fluid. The larger sized cup is recommended for women who are above thirty years of age and have given birth vaginally or have a heavy flow. For women who have stronger pelvic floor muscles due to regular exercise might find larger cups uncomfortable. The last consideration while selecting the menstrual cup is the flexibility or the firmness of the cups. Most women opt for the softer cups as they are more comfortable but the firmer the cup is the better it will pop open and seal on the vaginal wall.


Menstrual Cup's Safety:

TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome is a potentially life-threatening bacterial illness. Although the exact connection to tampon use remains unclear, research has concluded an association between tampon use and TSS.  Menstrual cups have virtually little or no risk of TSS. The real reason for its safety is its non- absorbent nature. As they do not absorb or irritate the vaginal mucosal tissue they do not interfere with the important vaginal flora in any considerable amount. Use of tampons or pads can also absorb the normal liquid that lines the vaginal liquid along with the menstrual liquid, hence causing vaginal abrasion and dryness. As the menstrual cups have zero absorption capacity hence it doesn’t disrupt the existence of the vaginal flora that is essential for eradicating any bacterial infection.


Menstrual Cup's Advantages for Adults:

  • While using the menstrual cup the menstrual fluid that flows from the cervix is collected and held in liquid form. But in case of pads or tampons, the liquid after been absorbed converts into a semi coagulated form that remains by the cervix. Hence, an unpleasant putrid smell is formed. But in the case of menstrual cups, the chances of odor is noticeably reduced. If the cup is inserted properly then there are literally no chances of leakage for a long duration of time. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for women who are working for long hours or are involved in certain athletic activities like swimming.
  • Sometimes for medical purposes, the user might need to keep track of the amount of menstrual fluid that she is producing. A menstrual cup allows the user to keep track as some of the cups even have appropriate measuring marks on them. The menstrual cups can be efficiently used along with IUD and is even safe to use during intercourse.
  • They are extremely cost-effective as they are reusable and even after repetitive use they remain hygienic if properly maintained. They are long lasting and can be used over an extended time period as they do not absorb liquid thus reducing the risk of infection. It is hassle-free as the user doesn’t have to worry about changing it from time to time like sanitary napkins or tampons. It is extremely useful for women on the go or who have a hectic work schedule.
  • The menstrual cups come in different sizes and hence can be bought according to the needs of the user. They are reusable hence will markedly reduce the plastic consumption per year as other hygiene products use plastics and other non-biodegradable products in their manufacturing. The tampons and pads are made up of various blends of rayon and cotton as well as other harmful chemicals as part of their manufacture that can eventually be harmful to both the user and the environment. With menstrual cups, you can avoid the impact of the long-term effect.