About PMYes!

PMyeS is different from other brands of feminine hygiene products because we genuinely care and understand the need and right of every woman to have a safe menstrual cycle.

We create products not to exploit the necessity of a woman to purchase better products during that time of the month but to sincerely make a difference in the feminine hygiene products market by spreading positive awareness about this very natural and completely normal phenomenon.

We are not here to hype the issue about feminine hygiene but to contribute our share into empowering women by making their menstrual cycles more manageable so that they can shift their focus to other aspects of life rather than be stuck on their periods and worrying about it all day.


We work for customer satisfaction and are dedicated in making better products for our clients and by joining us in our endeavor and make sure that you are also helping others just like you to accept and understand the essence of feminine hygiene.

We contribute a part of the proceedings to organizations who work for spreading positivity among female communities and beyond, for a better society. So you will not only help in spreading proper and safe menstrual education but also have a comfortable cycle with our top-notch products.


Contact Us: If you want to know more about our menstrual cups or have any query to be answered, feel free to get in touch with us anytime. We would love to hear from you.