Top Reasons to Choose Menstrual Cup with Valve

It is true that for years, women have used either sanitary pads or tampons to get away from menstrual flow. But now time is changing. The menstrual cup with valve is the contemporary alternative making life easy and comfortable during monthly periods. A lot of women have already started enjoying the benefits of the best menstrual cups in the market. If you have not yet jumped into the menstrual cup bandwagon then know the reasons why you should make the transition.

1. Convenient:

A menstrual cup with valve is that reusable feminine hygiene product that can easily hold more blood as compared to the other methods. It can be used for 12 hours at a stretch and allows the user to engage in various activities without stressing about stain or over flow. Moreover, it needs to be simply folded and inserted and you can start enjoying the day.

2. Economic:

Making the switch with menstrual cups with valve will cut down your monthly expenditure of tampon or pads. You can as well bid adieu to frequent visits to the nearest grocery. This is so because the best menstrual cup with valve is not only cost effective but can as well be reused for at least two to three years continuously. In short, now you have to only pay one-time price to meet your monthly hygiene requirement.  

3. Say Bye to Dryness:

All most all women who have used tampons have experienced the horrid feeling of pulling out a dry tampon. Making the transition into a menstrual cup will neither interrupt with the usual lubricating ability of the vagina nor will it disrupt the natural process of shedding dead cells, menstrual blood and bacteria. 

4. Easily Avoid Embarrassing Odor:

Unlike a tampon or a sanitary pad, the best menstrual cup with valve will not allow menstrual blood to get expose to the air. Which means you can attend any occasion or get involve with any activity without worrying about discomforting menstrual odor wafting out at the most unexpected time.

5. Medically Safe:

Menstrual cups are prepared from ultra-soft healthcare medical grade silicon and possess the ability to collect blood rather than absorbing it. These two reasons save the user from getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS) – a rare bacterial infection known to tampon users.

Thus, grab the best menstrual cup with valve from and start reaping its benefits.

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