Why you should never pay for pads & tampons ever again!

What is the Pink Tax?
The Pink Tax is the extra money that women must pay for products and services.  It's suggested that women pay on average 43% more than males on the same products.  In a year, the difference of a dollar on regular household products can cost females $1,500 more. 

Menstrual Products and Pink Tax
We often get asked why we give free menstrual cups away.  Women experience menstrual cycles involuntarily.  Up until now, women have been taught that period blood was negative and something to keep quiet about.  Having your period meant shame and having a leak, would be devastating.  This type of dialogue was the perfect set up for big corporations to sell a product to solve these problems.  Poor feminine hygiene is a huge factor in attractiveness.  Perceived attractiveness is perhaps one of the highest grossing markets simply because women are entranced to think that spending more means better results.  Women willingly pay more for "pink" products that do the same job than generic/ male products. 

Here at PMYes! we believe that women should be given an option to have a free menstrual solution.  We value the natural processes that women must go through and we want to support their needs the best we can. 

Why free menstrual cups?
Our partnership with important organizations has allowed us to provide completely free menstrual cups until supplies last.  But some ask, why menstrual cups and not tampons or pads?  Great question.  After our extensive research of the industry, we found that menstrual cup technology was more economical, more hygienic and more sustainable.  These 3 core factors give PMYes! menstrual cups the unparalleled advantage compared to other menstrual products.

The end of PINK TAX
Our mission is to bring awareness and resources to support women in their growth as humans and as respected equals in society.  When you claim your free PMYes! menstrual cup, you are helping step towards ending the PINK TAX.

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