Reasons to Buy a Portable Menstrual Cup Disinfector

An average woman menstruates for roughly around thirty-eight years and throws away at least three hundred pounds of disposable pads. Every month more than four hundred million pads are disposed of worldwide, and the alarming part is that they are non-biodegradable and stays on landfills for eight hundred years or so.  We need to think hard about the impact it has on the environment. On the other hand, a menstrual cup can be reused up to ten years as it is made up of bio grade silicone material. So let us find out exactly what a menstrual cup is and what benefits we can derive when we replace the conventional sanitary pads with them.

A short intro

A portable menstrual cup disinfector is reusable, hygienic devices which can be used while you at home or outside. It is a small cup-size device made of medical silicone or natural rubber. It comes in different sizes, dimensions- fit for females of all age groups. During the menstrual cycle, females can insert the menstrual cup in their vagina to collect the period fluids and manage their periods well. 

Menstrual cups are mainly designed for long term use, and comparatively less expensive than sanitary pads. You will save money every time you are in your menstrual phase.


Less Stress

    Changing wet pads is mandatory. If you don't, you won't feel comfortable, plus it creates room for infections. When using pads, there is a need to change every now and then, generally, in 4-8 hours intervals. However, menstrual cups that have a holding capacity can be left up to 12 hours. Even if you are inserting it at night, you will have full night protection, without disturbing your sleep in the middle.

    More safety

      The Menstrual Cup Disinfector is safe plus reduces the risk of toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Also, it makes your reproductive parts free from infection, and susceptibility to diseases is comparatively less. Since you do not need to use soap water to clean the menstrual cup, the pH level of the vagina can always be perfectly maintained.

      It is portable

        The portability of a menstrual cup disinfector makes it perfect for use especially when you are travelling. A lot of women tend to worry about their vaginal fluids especially when they are travelling. These menstrual cup disinfectors are easy to manage and carry and can provide with a lightweight option to get the menstrual cup properly cleaned and disinfected. All you need to do is simply get it fully charged before you leave your home and you can use it easily for multiple times. This means that you can have a personal sterilizer for your menstrual cup so that you do not have to worry about foul odor and vaginal infections at any point of time.

        It uses ozone for cleaning

          The UV Lamp that comes with the portable menstrual cup disinfector can change the oxygen from the air into ozone which can thoroughly clean and disinfect the menstrual cup. It is also perfectly easy to use which means that you can always expect a flawless performance from it.    

          Avoids embarrassment in public

            Excessive fluid flow, which becomes a concern for some females, is also solved using a portable menstrual cup disinfector. Unlike sanitary pads, the portable device storing capacity of 1-2 ounce of period fluid makes them stand out. Besides, there are other perks of using a menstrual cup, which will make you switch from sanitary pads to the menstrual cup.


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