Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a Menstrual Cup

At PMYes! Our goal is to provide a safe, economic, and comfortable menstrual solution for all women in all socioeconomic statuses.  Menstrual cups are regarded as one of the safest menstrual solutions and the leading solution to menstrual hygiene.  Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Menstrual cups do not absorb blood.

Unlike tampons and pads, menstrual cups actually have no absorption component.  A menstrual cup catches liquids and can be poured out at your earliest convenience.  The advantage of this is that it does not support bacteria growth.  Once the cup is properly inserted, the edges create a seal with the cervical surface.  This prevents the blood from oxidizing and touching external bacteria.  You will find that the blood collected during this process is often very odorless compared to tampons and pads.

2. Menstrual cups can be sanitized easily.

Our experts suggest the easiest method of use during your period is to change the cup in the shower.  Simply remove, rinse, and replace.  However, once your cycle is over, you can further sanitize the menstrual cup by boiling it in clean water for 10 minutes.  Some users say they experience some staining on the surface of the cup, which is completely normal and not toxic.  However, to remove these stains, simply let sit in a diluted Hydrogen Peroxide water mixture (1:1 ratio works well).

3. Menstrual cups do not cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Menstrual cups are not known to cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, unlike tampons.  The reason is that the design and material of a menstrual cup simply do not support the growth of bacteria. 

4. Menstrual cups are the most sustainable menstrual solution.

Here at PMYes! we value our planet and we are trying to promote this eco-friendly reusable menstrual cup to further reduce waste caused by tampons, pads, plastic and another packaging.  Because of the reusable nature of a menstrual cup, you will likely never have to contribute to the ridiculous amount of tampons and pads and their plastic packaging.  On average, a female will through away 30 pieces of menstrual-related garbage per cycle!

5. The Cost of Free!

Some of our supporters ask us why we want to give these out for free.  It is important for our organization internally and external supporters to recognize that this is not just a product.  The PMYes! free menstrual cup campaign is a movement towards ending the PINK TAX.  Every time you claim your menstrual cup, we have helped you save $15,000 worth of menstrual-related costs.  But more importantly, we are moving forward as a society that respects women.  It is in your best interest to not only claim your own PMYes! free menstrual cups and you take care of shipping, but also share this unique opportunity with your girlfriends!!! There is nothing to lose.

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