How To Use Your Menstrual Cup - Properly

Step 1

For your safety and health, wash your hands with warm water using mild unscented soap. This is the best way to prevent bacteria from your hands from transferring to your Menstrual Cup and your vagina. For added protection, consider boiling your cup right before you use it, or if you have confidence you have stored your Valve Menstrual Cup in a sanitary and clean environment, simply wash it with warm water and unscented soap.



Step 2

Fold the cup to make it more compact for insertion. We recommend just a simple push down with your index finger on one end and pinch the sides as shown in the picture. We find this is one of the best strategies, but there are many ways to fold and we encourage you to keep exploring until you find one that is the most comfortable for you.


Step 3

Once inserted, spread and rotate the cup a little bit to help it unfold. The Valve Menstrual Cup will fit itself with a light suction seal to keep it leak-free and in place. The opening of the cup is slightly smaller than the body, so it should feel secure but comfortable while inserted and easy to remove when needed.


Step 4

Simply squeeze the two small bumps at the end of the stem to instantly drain. This is perfect for travel, long shifts and everyday use since there's no need to remove the cup, drain it and clean it partway through the day.


Step 5

Prepare your cup for the next use by sterilizing it. We recommend boiling your cup in water of 90°C or 194°F or higher for 10 minutes.  This will ensure that your cup is well sanitized and ready for next use, meaning you'll never have to go back to buying tampons and pads month after month.

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