How to Sterilize Menstrual Cup Without Boiling? - Tips

Being the most convenient alternative to disposal tampons and sanitary pads, menstrual cup with valve is a boon. To resist bacteria and dirt, it is prepare with medically approved silicone. Furthermore, a period cup can be used for 12 hours at a stretch. However, it requires cleaning and sterilizing to ensure hygiene. And for this, although boiling water is most effective, there are also few other ways of sterilizing a menstrual cups. In case you don’t have access to boiled water, you can easily use the following methods.


  1. Vinegar:

If you are surprised seeing vinegar on top of our list, let me tell you that the sour-tasting liquid is a great sanitizing agent. Moreover, it is cheap and can be afforded without burning your bank balance. Prepare a mixture of water-vinegar in the ratio 9:1 (water should be more). Dip your menstrual cup for a minute or two only and rinse it.


  1. Alcohol:

Although alcohol can be used to clean menstrual cups, not all alcohols are suitable for this purpose. So to avoid damages, first check the manufacturer’s website. Wet a cotton ball with the alcohol and simply rub the cup, inside and out; your job will be done. Then allow it to air dry before rinsing it thoroughly with normal water.


  1. Soap and Cleanser:

There are special soaps and cleansers available in the market for sterilizing a period cup. But note to procure soap and cleanser that is mild and has neither perfume nor antibacterial properties. Also focus on its pH – more than seven and less than ten. Once you get the right soap or cleanser, wash the cup completely with it and water. Then allow it to dry before keeping it in the pouch.


  1. Cold Water:

Another excellent way to sterilize a menstrual cup with valve is by using cold water. In case you are a traveler and require moving from one city to another, this is the easiest and most convenient method to apply. Here you simply need to flush the waste, wash the cup thoroughly with water and dry it either with a towel or tissue paper. 


  1. Toothbrush:

To create proper suction inside the vagina, every menstrual cup is designed with four tiny dots under the rim. Now as time passes, these holes become discolor, meaning it is high time to clean them. Here you can easily use a toothbrush to eliminate all the dirt and later rinse with normal water.

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