How to Remove Menstrual Cup with Valve without Mess

We all know that menstrual cups with valve are becoming more popular. It is not only safer but also comes loaded with a number of benefits, when compared with disposable sanitary pads and tampons. However, there are still some, who definitely want to make the switch to period cups but get stuck, thinking its removal process to be messy. In case you are also in the same dilemma, read our blog carefully. It is for sure not a daunting task at all!


  1. Get Into A Comfortable Position:

The foremost thing that you need to do, in order to remove the menstrual cup with valve, is to release its seal. And for which you have to use your index finger as well the thumb. With help of both the fingers, gently squeeze the cup where the stem meets the base. Now you will feel or hear the seal being released. Once you get to this point, the cup will be ready to be removed.

Never carry out this process by tugging on the stem. Doing so can make the content spill out, since your grip on the cup will not be firm.


  1. Don’t Rush:

To assure that you remove the menstrual cup with valve by not creating any mess, you need to go slow. Once you realize that the seal is released, hold the base carefully and slide the cup out. Utilize your pelvic muscles to lower and push out the cup. Since the vaginal canal is not completely straight, note to tilt the cup but in a manner that one rim comes out at a time, else again the content might leak. The moment the complete cup is out, flush the waste and rinse it.


If in case, your menstrual cup with valve moves up and you fail to locate the stem, don’t panic; instead make use of your vaginal muscles to push back the cup to its original position. Even after following these steps if you stay unable to release the seal, rest your foot either on the bath tub or on the toilet seat and try to break the seal. This position will shorten the vagina; making it easier to get the cup. Moreover, if the squeeze does not work for you, you can as well slide one finger up to the rim and push in for the seal to release.

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