5 Best Equipments for Intense Menstrual Pain Relief

Although period cramp is not a symptom of any serious health condition, it is quite an annoying pain! On monthly basis, it is an uncomfortable part of life for more than half of the women. You might be sad thinking that it is not possible to stop menstrual pain. But the happy news is that there are few devices and tips, which when followed, can prevent period cramps to a great extend. Today in this write-up, I am going to discuss the boon of technology in this regard.

5 Equipment to relieve menstrual pain:

  1. Massage Chairs:

The foremost measure that every menstruating woman needs to take is lot of rest to relax the pain. Avoiding heavy work during this phase of the month will lessen the cramps. And a massage chair is the best remedy to pamper oneself with healthy, warm and soothing body massage. Kneading the body relaxes the muscles and in the process it relieves abdominal pain as well. Massage chairs are smart as they are engineered with the ground-breaking technology.

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  1. Foot Massagers:

Menstrual cramp is not limited to lower tummy pain only. There are a lot of ladies who experiences discomfort in their thigh and calf. To maintain distance from such ache, foot massagers can do magic. A foot massager is a device that is equipped for 5-in-1 all encompassing calf and foot massages. To allow the user maximum rejuvenation and pampering, it has specialized massages to eliminate aches related to legs. The foot massager can as well provide warmth therapy for enhanced relaxation.

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  1. Back Massagers:

Monthly period also brings along back pain apart from other discomforts. For women who experiences extreme soreness around their back portion should trust massage devices designed for this particular body portion. With the innovation in the field of machinery and engineering, this specific device is equipped with V-Grip technology to bid farewell to aches. It also has option for complete back coverage warmth massage, to support deep relaxation.

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  1. Hands Free Kneading Massager with Heat:

Women who wish to enjoy complete body relaxation, especially during the period days should opt for hands free kneading massager with heat. This is so because the device is not designed to cater to one specific area of the body. Instead can sooth and calm deep tissues and muscles from the whole body - upper back, calves, shoulders, foot, tights, neck, waist, feet, lower back, legs and arms.

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  1. Hot Water Bag/Heating Pad:

According to researches carried out focussing on menstruating women in the age group of 18-35, it was concluded that heat patch of 40 C is as effective as a painkiller. Thus a hot water bag or a heating pad can help immensely in eliminating period cramps. Plus, these won’t have any side effects as some of the pain killers have.

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The above mentioned equipments were termed perfect for menstrual pain relief because researches have shown that massages and heat works wonder during these days. Hence, massage chairs, foot massagers and the others are currently a hit among the menstruating women.

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