3 Problems You Solve By Using a Menstrual Cup: Health, Money, Experience

Like most businesses, the purpose of a product usually falls under one or a combination of Health, Money, and Experience.

This is the purpose of the PMYeS! free menstrual cup:

1. Menstrual cups do not cause adverse health effects and promote better bacterial management than tampons.  Since the invention of menstrual cups, there only have been extremely rare cases of TSS.  The menstrual cup itself does not cause TSS and the nature of its use does not promote bacteria growth.  Menstrual cups can be sanitized with boiling water and simply reused every cycle.

2. Menstrual cups are a 1-time purchase that can be reused endlessly.  In fact, our organization is subsidizing this 1-time purchase for you so that you can start using this product for FREE, now.  Menstrual cups are made with flexible silicon that is highly durable.  If your menstrual cups do break, just claim another free one!

3. The experience of using a menstrual cup will actually increase your self-awareness because it forces you to really understand our menstrual patterns.  Self-awareness is one of the most important aspects of life and it's astonishing how little adult women know about their own bodies.  The average amount of blood from one menstrual cycle is about the size of a shot of espresso - that's it!  Tampons are often smelly, dark and laden with bacteria.  This is because the blood cakes up in and around the chemically-treated materials, which help bacteria thrive.  Menstrual cups, however, collect fresh menstrual blood and prevent it from oxidizing until you go and remove the cup.

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