Top 10 Reasons Tampons & Pads are The Worst. After reading this you'll think twice

Here are 10 reasons why tampons are not as good as you thought. Give us a like, share or comment, we'd love to see what you think.

1. Tampons absorb all fluids: blood, natural lubrication... leaving an unpleasant chaffing, need to change.  It's like a sponge though, once it's full, it's full.  But period blood doesn't have an on-off switch.

2. Bacterial breeding/ TSS: the material and nature of use breeds bacteria, air exposure leaves no barrier.  The smell.

3. Non-reusable: you go through like 7 tampons a day, and if it's not in right, you can't fix it, you must start all over.  the packaging is also either plastic or cardboard, which means you'll be throwing away even more.

4. Strings are not so seamless: In order to remove a tampon, you just yank on the string that can sometimes get lost.  There have been many cases where tampons have been lost up there or even snapped off a wet tampon.  Luckily there are tampons now that have the string fully sewn into the whole length.  Regardless though, sometimes when you pull, the absorbed liquid can come squishing out and back into the vaginal cavity. 

5. Swimming:  Tampons are marketed as being the solution to swimming while on your period.  However, if you think about it, tampons are made to be highly absorbent.  If one side is touching blood and the other side is touching water, you will naturally run into problems.  Also, usually the swimming water is laden with chemicals in a pool or bacteria in ocean water... which means it will be absorbed and touching your sensitive/highly permeable vaginal skin until you remove it.

6. Sleeping: Leaks.

7. expensive: Let's be generous and say that 1 package of 36 tampons will last 1 cycle.  If 1 package was $7 x 12 months, $84.  Plus, all the other menstrual related purchases, like night-time pads, panty-liners, regular pads, etc.  They're usually even more expensive if you want scented ones, that help mask the musk, but probably are not so good for your lady parts.

8. bulky: Ladies, don't we all have that "secret pad pouch" that we always carry around?  I usually have to use larger bags to accommodate the chunkiness of this pouch.  Let's be honest, I don't even know how old some of the products in there are.

9. sexist commercials/ not empowering: Tampon commercials are what we know as "fake empowerment".  They make it seem like tampons can change your life by allowing you to wear certain things or doing certain things.  However, they cast overly beautiful women that don't represent normal people at all.  They don't talk about the risks and the disadvantages of having to ninja change yourself in public bathrooms.  They all wear skimpy dresses that give people the impression that when we don't wear dresses, we are clearly in our periods.  Also, it's almost as if they are trying to say that women should be dressing in sexier outfits at all times and your period is no longer an excuse.

10. messy: Firstly, you have to wash your hands before you take it out, then wash them afterward.  If you're in a public toilet, who has time for that?! Multiple times a day?!  The string has been sitting next to your (not so fresh) pee and poop hole, and you have to touch it.  And then when you pull, there is zero splash guard.  Some toilets are so archaic that they don't accept tampons.  That's right, you have to wrap a moist bloody tampon in thin layers of public bathroom toilet paper and find a bin.

Solution:  Top Five Reasons You Should Use Menstrual Cups 


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