What is a Menstrual Cup?

Menstrual Cup? What are they?

Simply put, Menstrual cups are your best Tampon and Pads Alternative. It is a silicone cup that unfolds inside your vagina just as you would insert a tampon.  I know what you are thinking, that's disgusting and you don’t know how that is going to fit.  Contrary to that, the Menstrual cup is much easier and more convenient than you think.  It seals and collects blood from your period, and can be worn significantly longer than any tampon or pads.


You deserve worry-free

I am sure there has been a point in time where you had felt unsafe wearing a tampon or pad, it may be because you feel uncomfortable during heavy flow or just didn’t have the time to change your tampon. This sort of inconvenience has been troubling woman throughout history, during work, school, or activities you would enjoy such as swimming or going into the hot tub.

How your menstrual cup can change your life

Now, Imagine wearing a Menstrual Cup instead of your usual tampon or pad.  You no longer have to ever worry about leaks, or not being able to enjoy the activities you deserve.  You’ll be able to go on for at least 12 hours before having to change or empty your cup.  You no longer have to suffer through the smell of the odor; when your blood mixes with your natural vaginal discharge on your tampon or pad, it creates an unpleasant smell.  To rid this smell, tampons and pads decided to add more chemicals to make it smells pretty, but companies also do not inform you, that these chemicals are the leading cause for TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), a potentially life-threatening disease that can be caused by wearing a tampon or pad for over 8 hours. You’ll be safe and protected from TSS because the material used for Menstrual Cups are 100% medical grade silicone that prohibits bacteria growth.  Not only that it’s safer, but it’s also more economical because it lasts for up to 10 years with the proper care at the same time, dramatically reducing the amount of waste we create one cup at a time.

Ready to switch?

Check out our Valve Drain Menstrual Cup, it makes emptying your cup seamless and mess-free. You'll enjoy more of your day and worry less about your period. You deserve the feeling that you can just forget about your period and focus on your life instead.

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