Quality Assured Menstrual Cup

Quality Material

Our company upholds strict regulations for manufacturing so that only the best of the products are delivered. Our menstrual cups are free of colors and dyes, BPA- free, Phthalate- free, acrylic and acrylate- free, odorless, plastic and latex free. Our products are made of the highest medical grade silicone so that they are completely safe to use. The silicone that we use in our manufacturing process is biocompatible which means that it is accepted by the human body without any adverse effect. It is flexible, durable and easy to sterilize. The silicone that we use is the same silicone grade that has been used in healthcare applications for years. The manufacturing process starts when the silicone is turned into a liquid and the molecules are then bound together or vulcanized. To attain the soft feel of a flexible rubber the molecules are heated over a very high temperature to obtain a solid piece of silicon. The product is then again baked in an oven at a very high temperature so that the molecules are bound together in a chain-like structure. This structural feature prevents any liquid from leaching or slipping through the product. Even when regularly boiled or washed it still retains its shape and there is a minimum chance of damage that furthermore increases the durability. Due to the material used it is the most ideal product to use during products as it not only retains its structure even after several uses but also prohibits bacterial growth. The maximum cleanliness is ensured as with this no harmful or additional residue is left behind in the body after use. To enhance its functionality two additional holes are punctured in the sides so that the suction pressure can be reduced. We exercise strict quality check and control and the products are thoroughly checked before shipment.

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