Picking Your Size

Picking Your Menstrual Cup Size

As you probably already know, the same size of menstrual cups may not satisfy the menstrual needs of different women. The smaller sized cups are recommended for women who are under thirty and have not given birth vaginally.


Smaller sized cups are typically for teenagers and women who have stronger pelvic floor muscles and have not given birth vaginally.

The regular sized cup is recommended for women who are above thirty years of age and have given birth vaginally or have a heavy flow.


You'll want to also consider using a shorter cup if the cervix is sitting particularly low so that the cup fits naturally without any uncomfortable feeling to the user. Thankfully with our Valve Menstrual cup, you can easily adjust the length of the stem.


The capacity of the cups needs to be considered as well, since different women have a different amount of fluid that is being discharged from the body, especially for women with a heavier flow. Thanks to our valve drain cups, you can easily empty your cup whenever you wish and is convenient for you.

Menstrual cups are a good option for women with a heavy flow as they don’t have to worry about changing it regularly. The cups can be inserted once and be forgotten about for up to twelve hours. The regular cups have more capacity to hold menstrual fluids which are around thirty milliliters. The small sized can hold from twenty to twenty five milliliters of fluid.

Final Consideration:

And the last consideration while selecting the menstrual cup is the flexibility or the firmness of the cups. Most women opt for the softer cups as they are more comfortable but the firmer the cup is the better it will pop open and seal on the vaginal wall. However. It totally depends upon the customer what they will be comfortable with. With the Valve Menstrual cup, it has been designed to give you the softness you deserve and the firmness for ease of use, you'll get the best of both worlds with our Valve Menstrual Cups. Head over to our store and grab one now!

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