Menstrual Cups For Athletes

Menstrual cups are the perfect option for athletes or for women who are involved in rigorous physical activities all day. They are easy to maintain as they don’t have to be changed quite often like their pads or tampons. They can be changed every twelve hours depending upon the flow of the woman that month.

Imagine going on a hike or mountain climbing and being constantly worried about leakage and the changing of the pads or tampons. With menstrual cups, there is no worry of leakage or staining of clothes if it is inserted correctly.

It can be quite difficult to find an appropriate place to change or a bathroom especially for women who are working in an outside environment. Finding a private place to change can be quite a hassle so opting for a menstrual cup is the better option.

Even women with a heavy flow can easily manage, as there are various cups available with different holding capacity. With menstrual cups, one of the added benefits is that there is no chaffing due to cloth used.

In case of tampons or pads, there is a risk of chaffing of skin due to friction that cannot be avoided in case of athletes. The leak-proof nature of the silicone material also ensures that the user can be comfortable doing any sort of activity under various conditions.

The silicone material also makes the wearer feel dry and comfortable even after long hours of use. The holding capacity is approximately thirty millimeters for most menstrual cups on an average so women don’t have to worry about spillage due to overflow.

The cups can be reused just as easily so there is no need to carry a spare either. They can be removed easily, emptied and washed easily. Then can be reinserted for further use.

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