Clean And Care For Your Menstrual Cup

Our Menstrual cups are made medical grade silicone and have been proven by experts to be ideal for period care. This material can be washed easily and will last for years. 

Worried about what happens while you are removing, washing, and replacing your menstrual cup? In some cases, when you use other cups the blood can leak onto your legs or floors while you have the cup out, and it's not very convenient we know. If you do find this is the case our Valve Menstrual Cup is perfect for you. Simply empty by squeezing the end of the stem to empty the cup instantly.


Washing Your Menstrual Cup

  1. Empty the fluid either while you are on the toilet or in the shower.  Then, pinch and remove the cup slowly. 
  2. Once removed, first give your menstrual cup a quick rinse with cold water. This will help with preventing stains. Then fill the cup with unscented soapy warm water (start using slightly higher temp) and rub the insides with two fingers to ensure it removes any gunk. Rub your menstrual cup between your hands to ensure maximum cleanliness.
  3. Run warm water directly into the cup, squeeze the bottom of the stem to open the valve at the same time to let the warm water flow straight through to rinse.
  4. Using a soft toothbrush will allow you to scrub any residue left around the grip rings and suction holes.  
  5. There is no need to wipe dry, just let it sit on a clean flat surface to air dry
  6. After completely dry, store your Valve Menstrual Cup into a small carrying pouch, or a small bag. 
  7. Extra Tip * Before next use, consider boiling your cup for 5 - 10 minutes to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness.

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