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Easy and Worry-Free Comfort

PMyeS! Menstrual cups are easy to use.  Simply fold your cup and insert. The cup will do the rest.  You'll experience a Full-day of leak-free protection.

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Cleaner and Safe

You can rest assured that our Menstrual Cups are made of 100% ultra soft healthcare medical grade silicone. This means it is hypoallergenic (no allergies), prevents bacteria growth, and no odor.  

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Just Better

Asides from being eco-friendly, cost savings, comfortable, safe, and the flexibility to do what ever kind of activities you want, you can now drain your cup without having to remove it.  More convenient, more discreet, and saving the environment month after month.

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LOVE this valve menstrual cup. Both sizes work great for me. It really doesn't even feel like anything is inside, and I actually forgot it was in! It's not as messy as tampons, pads, and even other cups that I have tried.  it’s super EASY to drain your blood! I felt like I am doing the right thing. I am definitely hooked and in love, I will 100% recommend to everyone.


I love this valve cup!! Its very comfortable and useful. I really like how i can just empty it without having to take it out, saves me so much trouble at work. I have stopped using tampons for over 4 years and started using menstrual cup. Now, i am so glad i found out about this valve cup and it works so great. I am able to sleep with it in and not worry about any leaks or uncomfort.  This is definately worth a buy!


It's only been 24 hours of using it, I am already absolutely in love with it. I am still trying to get the hang of insertion but for someone like me, this is perfect! I wore it to sleep at night for the first time (wore an extra layer just in case) and there was absolutely no leak when I woke up this morning which REALLY demonstrates how great this valve menstrual cup is because I have Much heavier flow than most other women. This cup was not 3/4 full this morning but I did not wake up feeling gross.  I just went to empty the cup by squeezing the end.  Which is a HUGE plus for me. Overall, i had to adjust a little bit to find where to push the first 2 times i have empty the cup, but now it's much easier for me after i noticed there is a groove that indicates where to push.  This is hands down by far the best menstrual cup.


About PMYes!

PMYes was created to help spread the word and make a difference about Pink Tax. As a female, we are often stuck paying for our gender specific items to all the big companies, we want everyone to have a safe and comfortable menstrual cycle. By spreading our menstrual education worldwide, and providing quality products that you can trust to give you a worry free and comfortable cycle. More about us Here!

Why PMYes

We are dedicated to have our customer's beyond satisfied.

We are sincere about making a difference, and have shipped over thousands of menstrual cup to people in need. Which is why we are the ONLY company that backs our products with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We are there with you! - You're always in good hands and have access to our support team at any time. We know menstruation isn't easy for everyone.